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What funding is necessary to achieve this?

Substantial and sustained funding is required to achieve the vision. Identification of the sources of this funding is a priority of the participants. However, the work has already begun by collaboration between private landowners, agencies and organisations and natural regeneration.

The agencies and organisations involved are supporting private landowners and assisting with coordination of sustainable land management and conservation activities on private land. This support includes advice on and support to encourage participation in pest control activities (as part of Goal 8 of the Ecological Vision – Pest Free Banks Peninsula project), advice on and assistance with regeneration, revegetation and planting methods to support indigenous species, and monitoring actions. There are be opportunities for direct financial assistance to private landowners.

Some funding may be available via carbon credits under the Emissions Trading Scheme, the 1 Billion Trees Project, and from private funders. For more information on funding options for larger scale revegetation (1 ha or more) see Funding Options on this website. For revegetation of areas of 1 ha or more, these types of funding may require some form of property Planting Plan to enable and guide what planting and revegetation is to occur.

For more information on a property planting plan see Outline of preparing a plan.